Handspun, Ready to Cast On


It’s only been a month and a half since I finished spinning this fractal yarn for Tour de Fleece 2013. I spent days trying to find just the right pattern that would show it off and use up every last bit of the skein. Didn’t have any luck so I decided to design a pattern just for this yarn. After weeks of knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping out stunt yarn, I finally have a pattern. Well, most of one. All the big, important details are there; now, I just have to get knitting to figure out the small, important details. 

Over the weekend, since I’m still swift-less in California, I wound the yarn over the backs of two chairs. Thankfully, I have a ball winder so it didn’t take too long to wind all 512 yards. It’s been nice to just look at the yarn in this new form and admire all the different stripes. Since this is just the second time I’ll be knitting with my own handspun, I’m relishing each step as I take it. So excited to cast on.