Discovered Socks


Pattern: Discovery Socks by Cat Bordhi

Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet - Ciderhouse (17)

Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm)

Dates: Oct 2-25, 2009


When it comes to knitting (and a few other things) I like to play, to experiment. Whether it's a new technique or a new construction, I get excited and try to poke around at the underlying "rules" that make something work. So when I find something that is a bit different in knitting that also explains the how and why of its difference, my interest spikes. The latest method for sock knitting as put forth by Cat Bordhi in Personal Footprints for Insouciant Knitters is different. It's not different for novelty but for a definite reason - well fitting socks that are easy to reproduce. After knitting through this first pair, I find that the entire process from first tracing my foot to casting off the cuff is an exercise in playfulness. So, not only did I get a cool pair of socks, I got to play and, in doing so, I discovered a few things.

1. I know a lot more about the shape of my feet which'll make sock knitting a bit easier.

2. Magic loop and socks isn't a horrible combination but DPN's still have my heart.

3. I can now make myself nice, tall socks with less yarn and finish them in a month. ROCKETBALLS!

4. The star toe is not my friend.

5. I think I've figured out how to change the footprint and still follow its rules. That's probably the best discovery of all.

P.S. My latest recommendation for horror fare is also a bit different but it's a vampire movie definitely worth checking out: 

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