There's been a few changes here at Chez Strategos. The biggest change? I got a job. I officially started over a week ago and everything besides from eating, and falling asleep in front of the television slowly dropped off. I was so tired that didn't even feel like knitting once I got home after long days. Spinning? Reading? Drawing? Didn't happen at all. I just didn't have the energy to put into them. It seems like an age since I spun up this green and white beauty. Haven't picked up my spindle since. Bah.


Happily, I didn't have to go into work today and I'm catching up on everything from banal chores to belated birthday socks. There's a problem with this though. I don't want to play catch up and constantly worry about what's falling through the cracks. So, I'm munching through the leftover Halloween candy* and trying to figure out my top priorities. I've got this wild list going in my head of everything I want to do. Even when all of my time was my own, I could never cross everything off. It's definitely time to pare down to the important stuff. Still not sure how I'm going to do it. Any suggestions?

*Pomegranate Tootsie Pops are actually pretty good.