I Can Haz Kat?*


Until about two weeks ago, my life was bereft of kitties and I was forced to rely on the internet for cute cat photos and antics. ICanHasCheezburger, Cute Overload, and I Am Maru were my favorite sources for all things cat and still are. Still, all the cute photos and videos on the internet weren't the same as actually having a cat. After having two wonderful cats for many years, I knew this all too well.

There have been several opportunities to take in a cat but it never worked out. This time, though, was different. Shadow's previous owners couldn't keep him anymore so the boy and I took him in. At his previous digs, Shadow was the consumate hunter and fought off the neighborhood dogs. Once he came to our house though, he hid in the basement for 2 days and wouldn't come near either of us. He came round eventually but it was still over a week before he'd go 5 feet outside the basement door. Every day, I spent some time with him and tried to get him used to his new domain. The effort finally payed off when he decided to go exploring beyond the yard. I didn't stop him and didn't follow. Just waited to see if he'd come back. Later that night boy and I went looking for him in the yard. Just as we were about to give up, he came running. It was finally official. We had a cat.

I've gotten to know Shadow pretty well since he stopped hiding in the basement. He's friendly, handsome, very talkative, and loves getting petted. He also comes when called and supplements his diet with the chipmunks that have eaten most of the tomatos in my garden. Plus, there are toe-hawks, million mile stares, and pretzel shaped naps. All told, he's a pretty awesome cat and I can't wait to spend more time with him.

*That's all the lol speak I can handle. For now...