Just a giant bit of awesome

Technically, this bit of awesome comes to us from September but I feel no shame in still basking in the glow of a completed 5 foot square blanket in October.


This blanket began about a year ago when my Mom gave me a bit of yarn she wasn’t going to use and my Dad got a new chair. The large part of my brain dedicated to knitting decided that Dad should get a nice new blanket to go with this chair. It also decided that Christmas would be a fine deadline. The remainder of my brain thought the Christmas deadline was insane and couldn’t we aim for Father’s Day instead? It was outvoted 51 to 49.

Now the 51% of my brain devoted to knitting, started sketching, plotting, researching, and even doing a little swatching. Then I bought what I hoped would be enough yarn (spoilers:I’d have to buy even more) and cast on. The center square and the first few stripes went quickly but when my knitting brain figured out this wasn’t going to be bound off by Christmas, it went into hibernation. Once the holidays had passed, I’d knit a few rounds every so often before getting bored and shoving it back into a bag.

After a few months I got tired of the giant, bulging knitting bag mocking me every time I sat next to it. So, I knit stripes at knit night. Then I knit more stripes through several seasons of Buffy, lots of movies, and who knows how many podcasts. When the last grey stripe took almost 4 skeins of yarn, I decided it was big enough. So, time for the border. It wasn’t till I was half way through that I had some idea of how large this blanket really was. My calculations predicted 60” but I was still shocked when it covered most of a double bed. In the end, I didn’t bind off by Christmas 2010 or even Father’s Day 2011. It will make a lovely birthday present though.


 Sometimes, when I finish a project that I designed, I’m ready to move on to the next big thing; however, this giant blanket still intrigues me. The beginning criteria - knit in the round from a center point, no picked up stitches, stockinette and garter stripes, and a “knitted on” border - are still things that intrigue me. I’m tweaking all of these details and making the pattern better. A bit of this process and the swatches will be popping up over the next few weeks because I just can’t leave it alone. It makes my knitter’s brain and my problem solving brain (which are really the same thing) happy.


Shadow seems pretty happy with it all too.