The massive storms and tornados that came with them on April 27th are several days passed but still visible. My neighborhood is filled with downed trees, downed power lines, and the ever present hum of generators. They make for a very loud background noise that I’ve mostly gotten used to.

Since the power company keeps pushing back the time when power will be restored (first Friday night, then Saturday night, and now Monday night which will be day 6 without electricity), I’m staying with my parents for a few days since they have power, hot water, and - yay! - high-speed internet.


It looks like a tree feel on the car port but it’s really just a branch. A large one. I do love having something to park my car under.


That grill was pushed all the way up against the railing before the storms went over. The deck was a lot cleaner too.


The downed limbs didn’t take out anything except the hammock which was easily righted.

Things being what they are, we came out pretty lucky. No one, including the cat, was hurt. The damage was minimal and the biggest part of the clean up is already done. If only everyone affected were as lucky as us.