Is it really July?

July had a fun time sneaking up on me. I kept thinking it was June right up until I was prepping for our second annual 4th of July party. The party went off without a hitch and then the Bearded One and I spent the rest of the weekend doing as little as possible. Also, fireworks. And food. Lots of tasty food. All told, it was an enjoyable weekend and I hope your 4th was just as nice. 


Now that the weekend is over and July is officially in full swing, I’m trying to find my rhythm and get stuff done. The house got a thorough cleaning today so that’s a start. Plus, I’ve got big plans for the blog - starting with regular posting. Still trying to figure out the rest of my goals though. Any suggestions?


Just so this isn’t all text, here’s a photo of the cat doing what he does best: looking sullen. You’d think he never purred at all. Don’t believe him. He’s the noisiest cat I know.