Walking: Week 2

Every month I’m picking one skill to practice everyday for a month and updating my progress every Monday. I call it Project Incremental. Read up on how it all got started. 

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I’m going to spare you the pseudo-inspirational picture of the view from my front door this morning and get straight to the point. Now that I’m back on my home turf, September’s walking project is going strong. I’m waking up earlier than I have in months to go for a walk in the cool morning air. My legs have gone from outright rebellion to only occasional complaining. My lungs don’t hate the hills as much either. I want to push myself farther, take side trips off the beaten path, add more milage, and go exploring. The lovely, cool weather just encourages me to go further though I could do without the barking, growling dogs that follow.

What’s surprised me most about the past few days of walking wasn’t the improved physical strength,  or even the barking dogs (those I remember from previous walks), but how energized and prepared I’d be for the rest of the day. When I get back home, I’m ready to crush my to-do list. It’s a completely different mindset than when I just wake up, make tea, and sit on the computer all morning. These morning walks are doing more for me than that cup of morning tea ever has.