Wander the Web 14


My bobbins have been empty for long enough. Time to fill them up again and try something new. I’m going to try my hand at an intentional slub yarn. Well, that’s my weekend plan. What are you up to?

Knit, Purl, Sow - A wonderful exhibit of knitted flowers and plants going on through January 2014 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I’d love to see this in person. 

Abandoned: Mark Twain Public Library in Detroit

Drawings of Dustin Harbin

DIY Watermelon and Pineapple pom-poms! - Would it be weird or awesome to cover a tree entirely in pineapple pom-pom ornaments?

Knitted Fungi by Brome Leighad Martin - I’d love to walk across these mushrooms in the woods.