Angora AKA Bunny Fluff


It was Thursday and I just so happened to be knit night when I got a text. Said text was from a friend of mine who just so happens to have two Angora rabbits, Harvey and Roger. She wanted to know if I had any interest in adorable bunny fluff. My response, absolutely. 


I’d completely forgotten about this exchange until last Monday when I got a giant, squishy package in the mail. This package was my birthday and Christmas all rolled up into one bundle of awesome. Inside were two zip top bags were stuffed full of angora. I couldn’t resist opening the bags and grabbing handfuls of fluff. The fiber was indulgently soft and luxurious between my fingers. I had no idea. The Angora blend scarf I have did nothing to prepare me for this. Neither did the silk hankies floating around in my fiber stash.


For the moment, I am content to just feel the softness but the urge to spin is rising. Pretty soon I’ll be researching the best ways to spin Angora and deciding whether I want to blend the fiber with wool or use it alone. Then I actually get to start making yarn. All the fluff weighs in at 7.7 ounces so there’s plenty to play with. Can’t wait for the fun to start.

Have any tips or resources for spinning Angora? Or spun some yourself? I’d love some help. Thanks!