10th Anniversary Celebration + Sale

This week is the 10th anniversary of With Wool! It’s had a few different names over the years since I cut my teeth blogging on LiveJournal, but With Wool got it’s real start when the Bearded One bought me a domain for my birthday. I had graduated college a few months before, and was using my greater amounts of free time to dive a little deeper into blogging, knitting, pattern design, and fiber arts. My first few years of posts weren’t just about knitting. I tried origami, shared kumihimo tutorials, and wrote about monthly goals for yoga, art, and learning to spin yarn. The bulky blue and yellow yarn below is my very first handspun!

It’s been wonderful looking back at my posts and seeing the projects and yarn I’ve made. I’ve learned so much and made dozens of tutorials. My life has changed so much as well with several cross country moves, marriage, and a now a young kiddo. It’s been a wild and wonderful 10 years.

What’s next?

  • For one, the blog will keep going because I like writing it though I will be mixing things up a little. There will still be step-by-step tutorials and other longer posts, but I’m also aiming to post more short WIP updates and other ramblings. I miss writing that sort of thing. And I’m going to try to post more than twice a month which should be easier with shorter posts.

  • I’ve mostly given up on the idea of video tutorials because I hate filming and editing videos. There might be the rare tutorial video, but they’re not a top priority.

  • I’m going to keep working on knitting patterns even though they’ll take me longer than usual. My main work time is nap time after all.

  • I’m also giving myself the permission and leeway to change things up if they aren’t working anymore. No more feeling obligated to do something just because I’ve been doing it for years.

A compilation of my knitting patterns from top to bottom: The Odd Couple Shawl, The Mosaic Sisters dishtowel set; Sapling baby hat; and Diagonal Socks. Available on Ravelry.com || withwool.com

And it’s also my birthday. So to celebrate my joint blogging anniversary and birthday, I’m having a sale. With Wool patterns will be 34% off for the next 2 weeks! Thanks for celebrating with me!

Use code HOORAY here, now through August 21, 2019, to pick up a pattern or two you’ve had your eye on.