A tiny bit of awesome


Seriously, he’s only 3.5” tall but he makes up for it with buckets loads of awesome.Mere hours after finishing the Giant Blanket of Doom(really need a shorter name for that) I wanted to cast on for something small, quick, and entirely for me. The latest Knitty was still fresh in my mind with the Kiwi my favorite pattern of the bunch. I couldn’t resist. A late night plus a few more hours and he was finished in all his bug-eyed glory. Now that his glamor shots are done, he sits on my desk and makes me laugh.


This isn’t a simple a pattern as it seems. There are short rows that you actually have to pay attention to and a lot of stitches to pick up. Also, those three toed feet threw me for a loop the first time I tried to  knit them. The finished object is totally worth it though and, to be honest, the fact that I was knitting with doubled fingering weight yarn on 2.5 mm needles (whose tips keep breaking off) probably didn’t help. Plus, I used a different short row method. Still, totally worth it. All details and mods exist on the Ravelry page.


After all that I still had to make another. I love how I can make two knitted kiwis the same way and have them be completely different. Their eyes give them such different personalities. That is if knitted toys can have personalities. Eh, something to ponder.