Backup All The Things!

Hard drive Backup.jpg

Today’s Public Service Announcement: Regularly back up your computer. I repeat, regularly back up your computer, because it is just that important. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got most of your life on your computer. There are photos, journals, half-written books, music, finances, game saves, random spreadsheets, knitting patterns, portfolios, videos, and contacts. There are the things I use everyday, archive for later, or forget about until I need them. With enough time, I could recreate a few of this items but most of the files would be lost for good.

A few days ago, my laptop battery politely told me it needed service. I say politely because the warning gave me the opportunity to do full backups and my laptop didn’t catch fire on the kitchen table. Both very helpful things. Tomorrow, my technological baby goes to the shop for repairs and all my files will be ready and waiting for it’s return. 

So, how do you backup your files? Depends on your operating system but, regardless, you will need a separate hard drive to store your data. If you’re running a Mac, Time Machine will be your best friend and does all the work for you once it’s set up. It has saved my butt several times and made transferring to a new computer exceedingly simple. Windows has a similar feature. Whatever your operating system, regular backups are your friend and help keep your data at your fingertips.