The Holidays are upon us but only if you knit (or crochet)


I started my Holiday knitting early this year by accident.  If left to my own devices, gift knitting would have taken over in late September instead of late July.  I'm definitely not going to complain though since I might actually finish everything I have planned.  It's not just Christmas, there are also lots of birthday gifts to finish.  Almost everyone I know has a birthday in the next four months.  With all these deadlines, gift knitting has taken over my thoughts completely. The recipients have been decided upon as have the respective patterns and yarns. I even made up schedule of when things needed to be finished.  Yes, the battle plan is complete and hopefully there won't be too much revision.  Must resist the urge to keep adding to the list. 


One goal on the list that I can tell you about is the accoutrement gift.  Basically, it's a small knitted gift that I can personalize and give to everyone on my list. For 2008, it was ornaments using the Knit Ornament pattern by Leigh Radford.  The pattern was a wonderful base because I could easily make each ornament unique without taking up too much time. This year's gift has already been decided but I'm not revealing it just yet.  In the mean time though, I'm getting back to my Hemlock Ring and a few episodes of Dr. Who.  Just because it's gift knitting season doesn't mean I can't make something for myself.