Sure, there are podcasts, audiobooks, and music but, like Alex Tinsley does with knitting, I do most of my spinning by the glow of Netflix. Since we’re at the start of Spinzilla 2014, I'm taking a page from her book and offering up a few tips for making the most of your spinning entertainment. 

  • TV shows top movies. Like Alex says, you don’t have to pick something as often if you start watching a tv show with several seasons. There’s one other healthy benefit. TV shows are shorter with commercial breaks which are great reminders to take a break yourself. Stretch, get a drink, and walk around for a couple of minutes. A few moments of rest, especially during the week-long challenge of Spinzilla or any spinning marathon, will help keep you injury free and ready to spin. 

  • Go back to your old favorites. Me, I’m going to be binging on Futurama. I’ve seen every episode and know the jokes. It’ll be easy to follow along with the story and laugh while still keeping a close eye on the twist going into the single. 

  • Follow subtitles with caution. If you can read and knit stockinette at the same time, you can probably spin and follow subtitles at the same time. Just stick to techniques you’ve already got under your belt that don’t require looking down at your hands 100% of the time. I can draft long-draw and follow subtitles but I can’t keep up with subtitles and draft inch-worm. 

A few of my favorites that I'll be watching and spinning with this week:

Futurama - Knitting robots and lobster men from outer space! It’s animated sci-fi set in the year 3000 that follows the adventures of a pizza delivery boy frozen for 1,000 years.

Psych - Wasn’t fond of it at first but I was hooked after watching a few episodes. It’s funny and light-hearted with lots of great characters that solve crimes.

Warehouse 13 - Objects with special powers and the secret service agents that track them down. It can be completely off the wall but that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

Black Sheep - My one exception to the ‘TV shows top movies’ guideline. Genetically engineered sheep turn carnivorous and it’s up to a reluctant farm boy to stop them. Lots of black humor in this one.  

What do you like watching while you spin?

Dark Humor

Standing in line for the roller coasters at Six Flags, I often wondered what would happen if there was a zombie infestation at a theme park. It didn't take long for me to think of long lines as a convenient buffet for the zombie horde on the go. My simulations usually took place right as the apocalypse was happening; however, Zombieland answers the zombie/theme park question a couple months after zombies have taken over. I'm not giving anything away but it did have some nice suggestions. The theme park was just a part of Zombieland and on the whole it was a fun, hilarious movie rife with dark humor. And zombies.

Besides from my deep love for zombie movies, I'm also particularly fond of dark humor and have a few favorites.


Black Sheep

What's not to love about giant weresheep and carnivorous wooly flocks terrorizing the New Zealand hills?


American Werewolf in London

I can't mention sheep without bringing up this particular werewolf and all the rotting victims that

follow him.


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This book became infinitely more entertaining to me once zombies and ninjas were included.

Any other suggestions while I knit on the giant scarf and maybe whip up a few more of these Halloween themed 


 for myself?