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I see a pair of tall, fiery-orange socks in my future. 

I see a pair of tall, fiery-orange socks in my future. 

A collection of fun and interesting links from the week. 


A nursing home floor becomes one giant touchscreen

Adaptable Knitted Survival Clothing

Sipho Mabona folds a life-size elephant from a single 50x50” sheet of paper

How to Measure the Yardage and Width of Handspun Yarn

Herb Williams’ Crayon Sculptures. The tree trunk is my favorite. 

The Default Techniques of Knitting by Ysolda Teague

The Getty Villa and Malibu

Two things crossed off the LA Bucket List!

Sometimes, life calls for a long weekend and a little bit of adventure. I was glad to have both this past weekend when The Bearded One and I went to explore The Getty Villa and Malibu. The weather was lovely and perfect for exploring The Villa’s Roman-style architecture, gardens and peristyles. I would have knit a few stitches had my knitting come with me. Inside, the museum was filled with spectacular sculpture, pottery, jewelry, coins, glass, and mosaics from Ancient Greece and Rome. It was both amazing and sobering to see the intricate work and delicate craftsmanship of people who lived and died hundreds and thousands of years ago.  The Getty Villa is definitely worth a visit. 


The perfect weather continued after we left the museum and drove up to Malibu. Unfortunately, my phone’s battery wasn’t as cooperative and died during the trip. Would have been great to get some photos from the top of Point Dume. That’s just another reason to go back aside from wanting to explore the tide pools at the edge of the cliffs. Thankfully, the phone lasted long enough to grab a few shots of the Malibu pier and the nearby Adamson House.


Wander the Web 27


A collection of fun and interesting links from the week.

I took the plunge and joined Instagram this week. Check out my profile. So far spinning and dinosaurs are the dominant theme. 

I’ll be keeping these tips for knitting a better button band when I knit my next sweater.

Roadsworth paints the town. 

Lemon Ginger Salmon Patties

How to knit the Picot Cast On

How to Draw Hearts with Circles: A Geometric Love Story by Justina Yang

Li Hongbo’s Flexible Sculptures. Cool and just a little creepy. 

Wander the Web 18


I’d forgotten how wonderful it is stand on the beach and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. 


DIY Button and Crochet Necklace - I really want to blow up the scale and make an extra long garland. 

Take-Out Fake-Out: Chicken Lo Mein

Cranberry Orange Breakfast Buns - Can never have too many recipes for early morning sweets. 

Five Ways to Find Inspiration Offline - I’m really fond of getting out of my own four walls and going for a long walk. 

Kelpies, Giant Horse Head Sculptures in Scotland

The Knitting Collection of Loes Veenstraand 

Hypnotic Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe - "What matters is putting human feeling into your design."