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Stumbled across the While She Naps blog and podcast this past week and I’m smitten. Looks like a great resource for blogging, business, and creativity. 

The Writer’s Retreat from Incidental Comics

The middle is what you should fear.

Exploring the world


For today’s awesome science - a synthetic functioning leaf .

Museum Adventure

The Bearded One and I took advantage of the long weekend to tackle our LA Bucket List. Friday, we went to the Natural History Museum and the California Science Center. It was great to walk around and see artifacts from all over the world. Wasn’t just pretty minerals and dead animals - though there were plenty of those - but also Roman Artifacts, a butterfly pavilion, Aztec carvings, space exploration modules, and amazing Dinosaur fossils. My phone’s battery just couldn’t keep up with all the photos I took. Our last stop of the day, a visit to the Endeavor Space Shuttle, was my favorite of everything we saw and not just because I’m sentimental about space exploration. Endeavor is absolutely amazing from any angle. 

Floor Mosaic from the ruins of Pompeii

Floor Mosaic from the ruins of Pompeii

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Walking on the beach during low tide, especially in December, never gets old. 

Enjoy the cute that is Goats in Sweaters

Faces in Things finds faces in the strangest places.

Architecture in Ginger Bread

Astronaut extraordinaire Commander Chris Hatfield does an AMA (AKA: Ask Me Anything)

Dr Whoodles: You can’t wear this Dr Who scarf but you can eat it. 

Peppermint Marshmallows!