Zen in the Fog

 6 days out of 7, the weather along the coast of Los Angeles is gorgeous with perfect temps, cool breezes, and clear skies. That seventh day, though, makes me feel like I’m on another planet. The fog rolls in off the Pacific and covers everything in a fine mist. You can barely see the sun in the sky let alone 100 feet ahead. I love walking the beach in this kind of weather. The grey mist, the sound of the waves, and wet sand under my bare feet combine in the perfect moment of zen. Still, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Cthulian monsters walked out of the depths or zombies slowly shambled into view. 


2,000+ Miles Later

Turns out that planning a wedding and getting married while also prepping to move cross country takes up all of one’s time and energy. Then after driving 2,000+ miles to the Pacific Coast, finding an apartment in a weekend, finally moving in, and setting up said apartment there isn’t much energy leftover or internet for blogging. The good news is that I once again have internet and most of the heavy work is behind me. I’m back to having a daily routine that involves washing dishes and going for walks on the beach instead of checking out of hotels. I’ll take dishes over uncertainty any day.  I’m also getting to know my new home base of Los Angeles. Last Saturday was part of World Wide Knit in Public Day so I took the opportunity to explore before settling down on Venice Beach to knit.

VeniceSucculent .jpg

Visiting LA


As I’m typing up this little entry I’m sitting in an airplane at 35,000 feet above Indiana, hooked up to the net, and scrolling through the photos I took while in Los Angeles. I love living in the future. Would be nice to have some more elbow room though.


Right now I’m on my way back from Los Angeles which will be my new home a few weeks from now. This trip was my first time visiting the city and also the first time I’ve been in California and on the West Cost. My previous record was Nevada. Los Angeles was definitely interesting. There were oil derricks next to parks next to strip malls next to apartments next to more strip malls. It was also very flat. There were billboards for new movies everywhere which really isn’t surprising. Just different from home. The weather was wonderful after coming from a city with 80°+ temps and high humidity. I pretended the interstates/parking lots didn’t exist which made the traffic a lot more bearable. 


One night The Bearded One and I headed down to Venice Beach. I couldn’t resist getting my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t as cold as I was expecting nor did it smell quite the same as the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. The sunset though was more beautiful than I imagined.


The next few weeks of packing, moving, and getting married are going to be crazy and stressful but I’m still really excited. Can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life.