October Overdrive

Single Skein September was a lot of fun and very productive. I managed to get a good chunk of my gift knitting done: however, October doesn't mean that I can slack off. Overdrive is a great adjective for this month since I'm trying to finish up a modified version of this giant scarf. Originally, it was supposed to be a Christmas present in 2008. I really missed the mark on that one but I think I can knit the last 4' in the next few weeks. Maybe.


Besides from being really late and really large, there's something else about this scarf.  With one exception, I have been knitting this scarf every time I've watched Hellraiser . Since Halloween is approaching, I intend to continue this trend and I'll probably watch a few of the sequels too. It'll be a good start to my own personal horror marathon I'll be having this month. Any suggestions for scary movies I can knit along with?

Also in my collection of horror is The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, the book Hellraiser is based on. I'll have to read that too this month...once I finish that scarf.