I often find myself prioritizing my to-do list by what is most important. It’s a pretty handy technique since it helps keep me on track. Lately though, I’ve been questioning how I decide what’s important since knitting always seems to end up at the bottom of the list. Obviously, sending out resumes and doing the laundry are necessary things that shouldn’t be ignored but their importance doesn’t lessen the necessity of knitting. The opposite also stands true; however, my knitting comes second (or third or fourth) place to these things. Why?

Knitting has helped me do some amazing things. It kept me going through an all-consuming architecture degree. It helps me help others and make people happy. It makes me happy. These are important things that shouldn’t be ignored. Still, I know all of this and still manage to completely ignore it when I’m deciding what to do with my day. No more. Hopefully, I can balance all those pesky important necessities with all the enjoyable ones, knitting and otherwise, in the future.