In 2011

I’m usually not one to set New Year’s resolutions but the start of a new decade was too good to pass up on. Once I wrote down one goal, I just couldn’t help myself and soon I had almost ten things on my list. They’re things that I’ve wanted to do for a while and just keep putting off because I was too tired, too busy, too...something. Thanks to this timely post on Yarn-A-Go-Go (scroll down to 4. No Excuses), I’ve come to realize that I’ve been saying, “yes, but...” and stopping myself from doing what’s important. I suppose that not saying, “yes, but...” is my number one goal for 2011. Hopefully, it’ll make my remaining goals just a little bit easier.

Get in shape and lose 50 pounds: Late last December, I started reading The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris. On January 1, I started on the following the Slow-Carb diet and I’m making good progress. I’ve also developed a deep love for black beans. Next thing on the list to try from that book: kettle bells

Have less stuff: When I moved, I saw how much stuff I really had. Most of it, I still have and rarely use. Time to cut the load a bit.

Read more books: When I was a kid, I read all the time. Reading a book or 2 a week wasn’t uncommon. Knitting and school really cut back on that number. Time to change that.

Write 750 words a day: I did this for a few months last year and really enjoyed it. At the time, I was using Then server problems and a general “I’ll do it later” attitude quashed it. So far this year, I’ve been mostly keeping up with it. 

Sketch on a regular basis: I used to sketch all the time and I’ve gotten rusty. Time to dig out my collection of sketchbooks.

Knit more for charity: I’ve got a few groups in mind and hats will figure prominently.

Finish up all the knitting still on the needles: I cast on for a Dr Who Scarf (and lots of other stuff) ages ago and they’re way past due.

Knit 12 pairs of socks: I didn’t manage this last year so I want to try again. Plus, my sock yarn stash hasn’t gotten any smaller. Ahem.

Explore other crafts: Spinning, kumihimo, temari, and bookbinding are all on the list.