Wander the Web 7: Link Love Edition

Joining up once again with Crafty Pod and Link Love to share goodness from around the web. This week’s theme centers on favorite tutorials from favorite blogs. It’s been nice sorting through the blogs I read everyday and remembering why I like them so much. So, great tutorials, in no particular order:

Making Neon Rope Baskets from The Work Is Getting To Me - If you’re lacking in storage like I am or just looking for some awesome baskets, this tutorials uses rope and neon mason line for customizable baskets. Videos and photos show how to make them in any size or shape.

Make Your Own House Stamp from A Beautiful Mess -  A short and simple tutorial to carve your own stamps. Makes me want to go on a stamp carving binge all over again. 

Cardboard Box Looms: DIY weaving at it’s finest! from Craft Leftovers - Full, detailed instructions on how to make a simple loom from a cardboard box, craft knife, and packing tape. Includes setup instructions and how to start weaving. 

Simple Tips for Self Portraits from Elise Blaha - I feel a little bit silly taking self-portraits because they rarely turn out the way I envision. These tips have helped me capture better selfies and help feel a little less self-conscious. 

Hanging Mason Jar Storage from Insubordiknit - Show off buttons, yarn, and trinkets in hanging mason jars. 

Wander the Web 6: Link Love Edition

Once again joining up with Crafty Pod and Link Love to share goodness from across the web. This week’s theme stays close to home and focuses on the most popular posts from yours truly. When I first read through the schedule several weeks ago, it got me thinking about how I haven’t made many tutorials in the past few months. That had to change so I started brainstorming and writing and photographing and editing. In the past two weeks I’ve managed to post two tutorials, How to Ply Leftover Singles and How to Clean Dye Off Spindles, and have a few more in the works. 

While I’m working on the new stuff, check out my most popular tutorials.


How To Sew On A Button With Yarn - Can’t find matching thread? Use yarn from your knitting or crochet project to sew on buttons without extra bulk. 


Kumihimo Tutorial: Part One and Part Two - A step-by-step tutorial for making a round kumihimo braid complete with clasp.


Origami For Plying - Learn how to fold a simple origami star to help ply yarn off a spindle.


How to Knit Afterthought Heels - A how-to and tips for knitting afterthought heels that won’t suffer from gaps or require picking up stitches. Bring your scissors!

Make A Bow Label.jpg

Make a Bow Gift Tags - Use leftover yarn and bits of cardstock to make care labels and tags for knitted and crocheted gifts. 

Wander the Web 4: Link Love Edition

Trying something a little different and joining up with CraftyPod for Link Love for the remainder of August. Instead of random goodness from across the web, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tutorials. No crafty goodness or Pinterest board of mine is off limits. This week, I’m sharing five of my favorite tutorials from across the web. 

Transparent Bookmarks from Two Bee - A cute, little tutorial for making transparent bookmarks with a sheet of overhead. The tutorial is in Portuguese but the photos are self-explanatory.

Invisibly Seam Stockinette from Anonyknits - An oldie but a goodie from 2006. Invisibly seam two knit edges together without fooling around with any pesky, live stitches. Tapestry needle and yarn to the rescue.

Delicious Salt Scrub Recipe from Deliciously Organized - Salt scrubs are amazing for your skin and so easy to make. This recipe only calls for a handful of ingredients.

8-Bit Popup Cards from Minieco - How to cut your own pop-up cards. A great minimal design using Space Invaders and skulls but you can use the tutorial to cut any design you please. All you need is colorful paper, a craft knife, metal ruler, and a cutting matt.

Home Made Gift Boxes from Creative in Chicago - I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve used this tutorial for simple, origami gift boxes folded from scrapbook paper. Customize the box to match your gift or any holiday you can find the paper for.

To join in on the fun, check out CraftyPod for all the details.