Sayonara, Konnichiwa

Last week, I gave my somewhat felted socks a bath and put them on some sock blockers in hopes of stretching them out. The plan didn't work. My beloved socks are still too small for me; however, they fit my mom perfectly.


While the socks were drying, I started looking at patterns just in case things didn't work out. I even pulled out a skein of ruby red Cascade 220, just in case. I fell in love with the Cable Rolling Socks by Mari Muinonen but one skein wouldn't be enough. Luckily though, I recently acquired Knitted Socks East and West which has several worsted sock patterns that I like and have the yarn for. Course, now I can't decide between: KonnichiwaKabuki, or Inro. Any suggestions? I promise this pair won't end up in the dryer.  Ever.