Pretty Things


I like pretty things, beautiful things, and elegant things; however, I also like useful things. A useful object doesn't have to be pretty but a pretty object does has to be useful. So when I realized these socks were too small, they were turned back into yarn (pretty and useful). After all, pretty socks won't do you much good if you can't wear them.



Pattern: Konnichiwa by Judy Summer (



Yarn: Cascade 220 - 


Needles: US 6 (4mm) DPN’s

Date: Feb 1-13, 2010


March’s socks, Konnichiwa, were so much fun that I finished them in less than two weeks. They’re a combination of a good pattern, a good yarn, and a good technique. Those things aside, what made them really fun was that I didn’t hold myself to the pattern. My version is toe-up, a larger size, and has alternating cable crossings. In other words, I let myself play.


I know play doesn’t seem like much. After all, shouldn’t I be working and productive? Shouldn’t I be doing something important? What I’ve come to realize, through knitting and architecture, is that play is very important. Play is the driving force behind serious work and focus. It is the motivator behind great work and great feats because it pushes people to keep experimenting and pushing limits. Without play, work (or anything else) becomes something to finish so you can get onto something you like. People can tell difference. So, don’t be afraid to play. You never know where it will take you.

Sayonara, Konnichiwa

Last week, I gave my somewhat felted socks a bath and put them on some sock blockers in hopes of stretching them out. The plan didn't work. My beloved socks are still too small for me; however, they fit my mom perfectly.


While the socks were drying, I started looking at patterns just in case things didn't work out. I even pulled out a skein of ruby red Cascade 220, just in case. I fell in love with the Cable Rolling Socks by Mari Muinonen but one skein wouldn't be enough. Luckily though, I recently acquired Knitted Socks East and West which has several worsted sock patterns that I like and have the yarn for. Course, now I can't decide between: KonnichiwaKabuki, or Inro. Any suggestions? I promise this pair won't end up in the dryer.  Ever.