Wander the Web 8

Red Umbrella.jpg

It’s September but it definitely still feels like summer around here. So long as I can still hang out on the beach, I’m not complaining. 

A few interesting things while we wait out the warm temps. 

...Said No Knitter Ever - Things you’ll never hear come out of a knitter’s mouth.

Started using the Bullet Journal System at the beginning of September to track my to-do lists and the random goodness I get up throughout the day. My list-making, grid-loving self is smitten.

MUPPTUALS - They’re puppets and they’re getting married. 

Amazing Windwaker Cake complete with Link, Zelda, and the King of Red Lions by Nerdache Cakes.

The Little Spaces Left Between Canal Houses

Why Wake Up At 3:30AM I'm a night owl for the exact same reasons.